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Chip Magic Collision to Custom Paint Including Motorcycles and Furniture.


This page will help you to understand our current rates and any special notes you may be interested in.




Body work:                             $55.00 per flag  hour

Paint work:                             $55.00 per flag hour

Paint materials:                      $35.00 per flag hour

Mechanical rate:                  $105.00 per flag hour

Frame work rate:                   $95.00 per flag hour

Electrical diagnosis:             $105.00 per hour

Computer Diagnostics         $55.00 Flat Charge with print out.

Research rate:                        $75.00 per hour


Hazmat charge:                      $10.00 per bill

Shop materials                       $15.00 per bill

Cover car:                                $15.00 per bill


Storage charges:                    $35.00 per day from one of the following dates:

                                                            date of completion

                                                            date of insurance check issue if work not done

                                                            date of estimate if work not done.


Special notes:  If you are interested is a complete or custom paint job you need to know that we charge 1/3 of the total  estimated cost up front before work is started. Another 1/3 of the total estimate is required when the vehicle is in the paint cycle.

                        The final 1/3 of the total bill is paid when the car is picked up or delivered.


                        Any special ordered items will require the full parts price up front and is non-refundable. If the special ordered part is defective the part will be replaced at no additional cost to you.


                        Any part ordered or supplied by the customer may incur up to a 20% additional charge because of fitment issues, or quality issues, or additional labor for preparation that may be required.


                        Once the estimate is given to you, the customer, we will advise you if there is any additional damage discovered. We will notify you of any hidden or additional damage only if it exceeds 10% of the estimate. This will allow us to order any minor parts or clips that are found to be broken without having to call and bother you.