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This is a job that came in for repairs after another shop did a poor job.

The customer thought the other shop quoted a great deal.

A fly-by-night shop always quotes a real low price just to get you in the door and then you're stuck with fixing the bad job or worse.

They have been known to jack the bill up and then hold your car hostage until you pay up!


We all want to save money but at what long term cost?

This last couple of years have seen an increase in material costs of up to 30%. I have changed the prices below to reflect the new rates and material costs. There will always be companies that will attempt to undercut prices with inferior materials and inferior workmanship. We actually found a new start-up where the shop was quoting $1,000.00 for a full paint job after the customer had been quoted $4,500.00 and $6,500.00 for the same job at two other quality shops! Of course it peeled within a few months and now the customer is stuck with the paint job or forking out a lot more money to remove the poor work and material and redo the entire job! Beware of people that claim to have experience, talk a good game and then come in thousands of dollars less than any other bid!

At Chip Magic, we will be honest and fair and tell you the facts for each type of repair or paint job.

Another shop quoted a customer $2,500 do a complete repaint on large SUV, including a color change, which sounds like a good deal, right? That's $2,000.00 less than any other bid she had! This bad job cost the customer $2,500 and several months while the vehicle sat in the shop. The customer now has to sue the shop to get the money back. Click on each picture below to see each problems this customer had with what another shop actually did or didn't do.

We worked with this customer to correct as much as we could and still kept the costs down as best we could.

To repair this bad work is more costly now because everything has to be sanded down and redone from scratch.

Ballpark figures for full paint jobs for cars (add another $500.00 - $1,000.00 for each job for large vehicles) and expected quality:

$2,500.00 was the cheapest price I could find at other shops for a normal size car. The paint job will last up to a year. Usually not guaranteed. No moldings, handles, or windows are removed and there is a HIGH probability that the paint will chip, crack, and maybe peel at the edges of the moldings where it was taped. Also this type of job uses the cheapest materials and rock chips occur VERY easily.

$4,500.00 for a normal quality paint job on a normal size car. This should last 10 years or more with some reasonable care.

$5,500.00 for a high quality paint job. Includes basic custom colors and larger vehicles. On smaller cars a shop can usually include changing the jam color. Sometimes small damage will be repaired for free as well.

$7,500.00 and up for a "show car" quality paint job. This type job is usually demanded for high-end vehicles or someone who wants to keep their car forever.

$8,500.00 and up for a "show car" quality paint job with custom paint and graphics.