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Chip Magic® Shield, spray-on clear bra.


Chip Magic® Shield, Spray-On Clear Bra makes the old plastic film clear bras obsolete!

Of course we can still provide you with the 3M Clear Bra Product.
Other people attempting to sell customers try to say it's "the same thing as the Chip Magic® Shield."

It is NOT the same.
We developed it and do NOT distribute it or sell it to other shops.


Our new Chip Magic® Shield, Spray-On Clear Bra:

  • Blends smoothly, with no hard lines if the entire panel is covered.

  • Can be sanded and polished to remove scratches

  • Never yellows

  • Never bubbles

  • Follows the contours of complex bumpers, protecting the entire bumper seamlessly

  • Protects headlights


A clear bra is placed on an undamaged vehicle front to protect against minor stone and sand chips. It does not protect against large items hitting your vehicle or collision damage. There are several areas to apply clear bras: hood (usually the first 12" or 18"), front corners of the fenders, backs of painted mirrors, the front bumper, headlights, and sometimes the pillars at the front of the doors. The cost varies. A typical shop gets anywhere from $175.00 - $250.00 for just the hood and the front corners of the fenders. The bumper is the most complex and can cost $200.00 - $300.00 more. Then you have the mirrors and headlights to consider. The total costs can add up to over $750.00 for a "full front-end wrap."

Ok, now what about materials? Usually a plastic type material is applied to the car. Basically there is 3M brand clear bra and several other manufacturers. The 3M clear bra is manufactured with a laminate process and when scored allows for a smoother cut without as much risk to the finish on the car IF the clear bra requires cutting on the vehicle.

The drawbacks for the plastic type clear bras are: They can have an "orange peel" look to them. They cannot be repaired if they get minor scratches. They cannot be buffed to a high gloss like the original clear coat on your car. Also some shops will cut the plastic to shape on the car, causing scoring of the original paint, sometimes deep enough that when the clear bra is removed the paint comes with it. The less expensive brands of plastic clear bra may yellow with age and can sometimes peel up. The plastic leaves a distinct line that can trap dirt and wax. If you have existing chips, the plastic clear bra forms bubbles over the chips and the damage is even more visible.

We used to do the stick-on clear bra also but NO MORE! (Ok, unless you really, really want the old stuff!)

The solution? We tried many of the commercially available spray-on products and found them lacking in quality. What’s a body shop to do? Invent our own! Though a proprietary process, much like how WD-40 was developed, we mixed and tested, then mixed again, then tested again, and repeated over and over! We would bend it, hit it with a hammer, throw stuff at it and they ALL failed miserably. Sometimes it would chip, sometimes it would crack, and sometimes it peeled off. Finally, after several years of trying different combinations of different products and different ratios....

WE HAVE IT PERFECTED!!!!!! Guaranteed!!!!

The hard edges on the hood and fender corners that collect dust and wax? GONE
Our spray-on process leaves only a smooth transition to your vehicle’s existing clear coat.

The lines on bumpers that can peel and look bad? GONE
We remove the bumper and spray the entire bumper, eliminating any lines.

The "orange peel" look? GONE
Our spray-on clear bra can be sanded and buffed several times if required.
Our process and product allow us to match the vehicle’s existing clear coat finish.

The yellowing? GONE
Our spray-on clear bra incorporates the latest technology in ultraviolet protection and clarity. We’ve tested thicknesses up to 4 inches without any degradation of clarity.

The light scratches that were impossible to remove without replacing the entire clear bra? GONE
Our spray-on product allows us to sand out and re-polish any minor imperfections, several times.

The pits in headlights? GONE FOREVER
In most cases we can sand the existing pits out and coat your headlights, making them look brand new. AND BEST OF ALL we can even fix any existing light chips BEFORE using the Spray On Clear Bra so they are not visible! (Depending on how severe the damage is.)

We have even done complete hoods and fenders so there are NO VISIBLE LINES. We would not recommend this for most normal vehicles. The cost is much higher because the parts are sprayed off of the car. Mostly this is reserved for the higher end sports cars that have a lower nose and are more expensive to repair if they receive even a minor chip.

One example of the quality of our product is a customer with a Mustang GT who hit something with his front bumper after we had applied the clear bra. Guess what? The paint underneath cracked BUT the Spray On Clear Bra was fully intact!!! That means that next time he washes it, water won’t get under the paint and start causing the paint to come off. There won’t be dirt and wax buildup in the cracks because the Spray On Clear Bra is still undamaged.

Of course it isn’t really meant to be able to stand up to high impact damage, BUT IT DID!!

A little more expensive than the stick-on plastic, but worth it!

The owner of this Ferrari is delighted with Chip Magic's Spray-On Clear Bra!

The owner of this Ferrari is delighted
with Chip Magic's
Spray-On Clear Bra!

This is one of the actual demo pieces we used at the Denver International Auto Show. See how the 3M peeled and scratched after just two people! Our Chip Magic® Shield, spray clear vra, is still intact even after thousands of people tried to damage it!

This is one of the actual demo pieces we used at the Denver International Auto Show.  note  the 3M peeled and scratched after just two people! Our Chip Magic® Shield is still intact even after thousands of people tried to damage it!


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