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Chip Magic® Warranty.



Chip Magic® LLC, hereby provides a Limited Warranty on repairs performed by the Chip Magic® (The Shop.) This Limited Warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle stated herein, and is for the person to whom this Limited Warranty is granted and whose name appears on the original repair order or paid estimate sheet. This is a Parts and Labor, fragmented, three-part Limited Warranty and stipulations pertaining to each fragmented part are stated hereafter:

1. Metalwork: Chip Magic® LLC, provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all metalwork, to include welding and application of materials utilized in making collision repairs, against cracking, flaking, pitting or deterioration, excluding rust repairs. Chip Magic® LLC, will repair and repaint, excluding rust repairs, any metalwork warranted hereby, at its sole option, when claim is made while the present owner stated herein owns the vehicle, unless caused by or damaged resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle.

2. Painting: Chip Magic® LLC, provides Lifetime Limited Warranty on painting-related priming and paint work against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing, and excessive loss of pigmentation. Chip Magic® LLC, will re-prime, repaint, the specific section or sections of the vehicle warranted hereby (excluding rust repair), at its sole option unless caused by or damage is a result of unreasonable use, maintenance or care of the vehicle. Paint Warranty is valid only over original factory finishes that are free of defects or parts that have been stripped down to metal and refinished completely by Chip Magic® LLC.

3: Stripes and Decals: Chip Magic® LLC offers a 1-year Limited Warranty on the application and adhesion of decorative stripes and decals, excluding those defects which are caused by extreme environmental conditions to which the vehicle may be exposed.

4. Color Match: If a panel is replaced or is repaired within approximately eight inches (8”) of any other panel and exact color match is required we will have to blend into the next panel(s) in order to guarantee a color match that is not visible. If the customer elects not to have the adjacent panel(s) blended or their insurance company does not allow for blending then an exact color match is not guaranteed. Please see Paragraph J under the Specifically Excluded section.

5. Discounted, spot painting, touch up, or brush touch: If a customer decides to save money by not removing emblems or trim and the emblems and/or trim is masked and painted around Chip Magic® will explain the downside of that option and cannot, due to the nature of having a hard line that is prone to peeling, give our standard warranty. As such Chip Magic® LLC, DOES NOT WARRANTY any partial paint repair, spot repair, or deeply discounted paint process.

6. Customer or Third Party has done any Preparation, Body work, Primer, Paint, or Clear: If a customer or third party has done any of his/her own preparation, body work, primer, paint or clear Chip Magic® can not warranty any work that Chip Magic® does after any step in the process that the customer completes prior to having work done by Chip Magic®.

7. Parts: Chip Magic® LLC, provides a Lifetime Warranty on parts, unless mfg. warranty is less, on NEW ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURED parts installed by or at The Shop, excluding suspension, air conditioning, restraint systems or the electrical assemblies or components. In addition, LKQ, (like kind and quality), USED and or AFTERMARKET parts or parts supplied by another mfg. other than the original equipment mfg. are subject to that other manufacturer's warranty. The warranty provided by Chip Magic® LLC, will not for any reason or under any circumstances exceed the manufacturer's warranty unless described herein. The shop will repair or replace any defective part warranted hereby, at its sole option, when claim is made with in the effective dates stated herein, unless caused by or damaged resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle. We do not price match. If a customer supplies his/her own parts we reserve to right to mark the labor up due to fitment and/or additional required preparation.

8. Warranty for Chip Magic® Shield: Chip Magic®, LLC warrants that Chip Magic® Shield™ Spray on Clear Bra, will be free of defects in materials and workmanship — including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking — for five (5) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by misuse, accident, or ordinary wear, nor does it apply to dents caused by physical impact of rocks or road debris.

9. Helmets and Bicycles: Any motorcycle helmet, snowboard helmet, or bicycle frame if sanded or painted may not be warranted by the manufacturer for protection or breakage. Chip Magic®, LLC also assumes no warranty to any motorcycle helmet, snowboard helmet, or bicycle frame because of the manufacturer limitations. Any liability is assumed by the customer and is solely the customers’ responsibility and liability.

10: Glass/windshields: We warranty all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and NAGS (National Association of Glass). PLEASE SEE SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED SECTION F for exceptions.

11: This Written Warranty shall be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted or tampered with by any person not authorized by Warranty Grantor. This Warranty is not transferable.

Specifically Excluded:

A: Incidental costs, such as, but not limited to, towing fees, car rental charges, travel expenses, lost wages or pay, damage to other assemblies or components, or assemblies and components which are not specifically covered by the Limited Warranty, nor are consequential damages such as damage to other assemblies and components resulting from a defective part or installation of such part installed or repaired during the repair.

B. Surface rust, rust through, and /or damage caused by rusting of interior or exterior panels is not covered.

C. Paint damage caused by chemicals, acid rain or fallout of any kind, including excessive environmental conditions. Any chipping of the finish due to rocks, or other road damage of any kind. pitting from bugs, tar, or other types of road grime. Any peeling due to use of high-pressure water or air. cracking of the finish on bumpers due to impact or flexing beyond normal limits. Or any other cause related to neglect, abuse, or lack of maintenance. Any damage determined to be caused by washing after vehicle has been in direct sunlight shall void the warranty.

D. Dust is an inherent issue with any paint job. Even with the million dollar booths that the manufacturers use there can be small dirt particles in the paint that are left over.  We make every attempt to “nib” the paint jobs as to eliminate the majority of these minor defects. The insurance industry standard is to allow up to 5 specs of dust per panel. We typically allow only 3 specs per panel in a standard paint job. We will only warranty against dust particles if the customer has opted for the additional cost of complete sand and polish of the entire painted panel.  This will be reflected as a separate charge on the estimate.

E. Any damage caused by application of a clear-bra. It is the sole responsibility of the installer to ensure that the clear-bar does not attach to the paint and pull the paint off.

F. Any failure due to off-road use, or commercial use of any kind.

G. Aftermarket body kits or parts that fail, bubble, crack, or separate from the vehicle. Chip Magic® will only warranty the work done by Chip Magic® exclusive of any manufacturer’s defects.

H. The cheapest glass is made in China and has been shown to have problems with excessive chipping and delamination. If you or your insurance company specifies that we use this type of glass there is no warranty on the glass. We still fully warranty our labor.

I. Old Parts: Any old parts left at The Shop for more than 30 days become The Shops property and may be disposed of at The Shops discretion.

J. Color Match: If a panel is replaced or is repaired within approximately eight inches (8”) of any other panel and exact color match may not be possible and an exact color match is not guaranteed.

Customer’s Obligations: In order to obtain the benefits of this warranty, the owner of the vehicle must do the following:

A. Present the owner’s copy of this warranty document, along with proof of vehicle ownership and the original repair order or paid final bill to the Chip Magic®, LLC. before requesting warranted repairs or parts. We usually maintain a copy of the estimate and invoice and if we have this information we will be happy to provide this information.

B. Have any warranted inspection repair, adjustment, or replacements made only at the premises of Chip Magic®, LLC. during normal business hours.

Verification: In the event that there is a disagreement as to a warranty issue(s) Chip Magic®, LLC reserves the right to have an expert from the appropriate manufacturer(s) test or check the part(s) (decals(s), and or paint to determine if there is a warranty issue. In the event of a question of additional collision impact, such as an unknown impact, Chip Magic®, LLC and the Customer will accept the unbiased determination of an independent insurance representative as to if an impact occurred.

All Warranties implied by law, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to the warranty period herein and shall expire at the end of such period. This is the full warranty and shall not include any additional warranties unless provided in writing and signed by both Chip Magic®, LLC and Customer.


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